In 1983, Gary Pettus started PETTUS Plumbing & Piping with an office in his home, two employees, and just one vehicle.  After relocating to Muscle Shoals in 1989, our company today employs more than 250 highly skilled people, plus three project managers, a sevan member support staff, and has a fleet of 200 vehicles.

How has such tremendous growth been possible in just over 10 years time?  We believe it is a direct result of meeting the needs of people like you.

Our commitment, which began with a promise "to provide   quality   plumbing   construction   at competitive prices," expanded as PETTUS branched into mechanical contracting.  By applying that same commitment to the mechanical piping division of our business,  PETTUS Mechanical & Plumbing Services has established a strong foundation which insures our company's unlimited potential.

In fact, we've opened  offices in Mobile, Alabama and in Counce, Tennessee.  Our portfolio of services has grown to include, not only industrial and commercial plumbing and piping, but heating, ventilation, controls, DDC & Pneumatic, and air conditioning (HVAC) work as well.

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